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Kind Words & Praise

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Sharon Veda

Thank you for the great massage Whitney Smith . As a private health counselor who works frequently with the spa industry, I receive 2-3 massages plus per month in Portland and resorts around the USA, Whitney's work is better than 95% of MT's in spas and resorts. She is skillful with pressure, depth, and strokes going all the way out along the lines (not stopping short) ....a really wonderful bodyworker. If I lived in Wilmington, she would be my go to. Thanks! See you next time I am here on vacation.

Trish Farnham

Don't let her easygoing, hilarious personality fool you, this gal is totally serious about her work and is an expert massage therapist! As a runner who doesn't typically like massages, I appreciate Whitney's person-specific approach. As a runner herself, she really understands what is needed to help manage and prevent injuries. Thanks for the healing hands, Whitney!

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